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About Us

Tirupati Balaji Chronicle is Ghaziabad’s leading media and communications group, with its main interests across Newspapers, Outdoor, Internet, Magazines, Below the Line marketing solutions, and Mobile Value Added Services.

Tirupati Balaji Chronicle is the flagship brand of the Tirupati Balaji Group. In today’s dynamic media world , where consumers have an unprecedented array of choices of Indians as they start their day.

The genesis for Tirupati Balaji Chronicle was in the year 2009. Tirupati balaji Chronicle was launched during this year with the vision of our founder Shri Dheeraj Kumar Bhargava, to “Create a newspaper that would reflect the free voice of the people” . This vision in Ghaziabad was as much a reflection of the time when it was propounded as much as it is relevant to us today Tirupati Balaji Chronicle (tbcgzb.com) is one of the fastest growing Ghaziabad's bilingual newspaper news portals of the country, commanding great credibility in its genre. The website was first launched in Jan 2013. Ever since tbcgzb.com has offered rich and informative content that provides its readers in-depth compelling local, national and international news.

Tirupati Balaji Chronicle is the local newspaper of ghaziabad favorite amongst news lovers who want to know and read local news. Though we are covering news Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR and other city in India regularly. To cover the cities more efficiently, tbcgzb.com has launched hyper local news sites, the beginning of which has been made with the cities of Ghaziabad, GreaterNoida, Delhi NCR and Other City.

Apart from this Tbcgzb.com covers entertainment news and features elaborately. It captures all the industry news, quirky gossips and reviews of new movie launches. In-depth information on sports, astrology, faith, business, and technology and auto world leaves the readers engrossed to their screens. The lifestyle section compiles the latest trends of the fashion and the best practices of staying healthy.

Tirupati Eye

  • छठ पर पहला अर्घ्य आज, जानें- डूबते सूर्य की उपासना का क्या है पौराणिक महत्व छठ पर्व पर पहला अर्घ्य षष्ठी तिथि को दिया जाता है. यह अर्घ्य अस्ताचलगामी सूर्य को दिया जाता है. इस समय जल में दूध डालकर

  • धनतेरस से बंटता है इस मंद‍िर में खजाना त‍िजोरी में रखते हैं लोग देश में एक मंद‍िर ऐसा भी है जहां साल के चार द‍िन खजाना बंटता है धनतेरस से यह खजाना बंटना शुरू होता है और दीपावली के अगले द‍िन अन्

  • धनतेरस पर खरीदना चाहते हैं गोल्ड, पहले इन 4 बातों को दिमाग में बैठा लें दिवाली से पहले धनतेरस के त्यौहार में कुछ नया खरीदने की परंपरा रही है। इसमें धातु खरीदने का विशेष महत्व है। ऐसा माना जाता

  • Ghaziabad Development Authority names 37 officials in Rs 3 crore land scam GHAZIABAD: The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) on Thursday concluded its investigation in the Swarn Jayanti Puran land allotment scam and sent a chargesheet to the state government naming 37 of its officials, both serving and retired. GDA vice-chairperson Kanchan Verma said, “We have dispatched the chargesheet naming the 37 officials, who were found to be involved in the alleged irregularities committed in restor

  • Wife of slain businessman takes to Twitter, seeks faster probe GHAZIABAD: The family of a businessman who was shot dead outside his house a few days ago has taken to social media, calling for a faster probe by police. Anubha, the wife of Amit Seth, has started a campaign “#justiceforamitseth” and posted tweets tagging the Prime Minister and chief minister. Amit, a nephew of Shiv Sena functionary Mahesh Ahuja, was shot dead by three miscreants in daylight on September 25 in Kavi Nagar. On th

संता Vs पल्स पोलिओ टीम

पल्स पोलिओ टीम घर आयी…
संता (बीबी से):  बंदूक और कारतुस कह