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GDA finds Vaishali-Mohan Nagar metro route viable, to start work on it first

Posted on 2019-11-25

GHAZIABAD: Two men, who were allegedly planning to extort Rs 5 lakh from a junior engineer with the irrigation department, were arrested on Wednesday following a gunfight in Modinagar area. The irrigation department official had gone to address where he was supposed to handover the money to the duo when the shootout took place. Neeraj Kumar Jadaun, SP (rural), Ghaziabad, said the police had information and laid a trap. A few Rs 2,000 notes were packed along with several white papers between them and when the duo came to take money, the police caught them. “The duo snatched the bag from the junior engineer and tried to flee the spot but the police surrounded them. They were asked to surrender but the men allegedly fired at the policemen and tried to run away. The policemen fired a few shots and the duo, identified as Akash (30), from Aligarh district, and Ravi Sharma (35), from Ghaziabad, suffered bullet injuries in their legs,” Jadaun said. Surajpal Singh, the Jal Nigam officials, told TBC: “On November 15, at 6.30 in the morning, a person called me and asked me if I was Surajpal Singh. When I said yes, he asked me to give him Rs 56 lakh. I refused to give him the money and threatened me saying that he will kill my family members,” he added. “After that, he kept calling me from several numbers and kept threatening me. On November 18, the man called me again and said if I did not pay up, he will kill me and my wife. I contacted the police and lodged a complaint. The police assured me and my family that we would be safe and then they made a plan to lay the trap. After that I just followed the instructions they gave me,” Singh said. “On November 19 morning, I received a phone call from a new number and a man asked me about the money. I told him I could only pay Rs 5 lakh. They agreed and I was asked to go to Modinagar junction on the night of November 20 to pay the amount,” he added. SP (rural) Singh said: “The accused men would call from stolen phones, public booths and from other people’s phones. More than 30 police officers were involved in the operation.

Tirupati Eye

  • बदरीनाथ के अंतिम दर्शन आज, जानें पवित्र धाम से जुड़ी 6 रहस्यमयी बातें सृष्टि का आठवां बैकुंठ कहलाने वाले बदरीनाथ धाम के कपाट 17 नवंबर को कर्क लग्न में शाम करीब सवा 5 बजे बंद कर दिए जाएंगे. उत्तरा

  • छठ पर पहला अर्घ्य आज, जानें- डूबते सूर्य की उपासना का क्या है पौराणिक महत्व छठ पर्व पर पहला अर्घ्य षष्ठी तिथि को दिया जाता है. यह अर्घ्य अस्ताचलगामी सूर्य को दिया जाता है. इस समय जल में दूध डालकर

  • धनतेरस से बंटता है इस मंद‍िर में खजाना त‍िजोरी में रखते हैं लोग देश में एक मंद‍िर ऐसा भी है जहां साल के चार द‍िन खजाना बंटता है धनतेरस से यह खजाना बंटना शुरू होता है और दीपावली के अगले द‍िन अन्

  • धनतेरस पर खरीदना चाहते हैं गोल्ड, पहले इन 4 बातों को दिमाग में बैठा लें दिवाली से पहले धनतेरस के त्यौहार में कुछ नया खरीदने की परंपरा रही है। इसमें धातु खरीदने का विशेष महत्व है। ऐसा माना जाता

  • Ghaziabad Development Authority names 37 officials in Rs 3 crore land scam GHAZIABAD: The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) on Thursday concluded its investigation in the Swarn Jayanti Puran land allotment scam and sent a chargesheet to the state government naming 37 of its officials, both serving and retired. GDA vice-chairperson Kanchan Verma said, “We have dispatched the chargesheet naming the 37 officials, who were found to be involved in the alleged irregularities committed in restor

टीचर Vs टीटू

टीचर: बिजली कहां से आती है?
टीटू : सर, मामाजी के यहां से।