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Saif Ali Khan Inset: His father and cricket legend Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi

Posted on 2014-10-10

Are films a good way to spread awareness about sports?

Filmmaking, to me, is not about spreading awareness; it’s about making entertaining films. You’re asking people for their money, not to give them a lecture. If it happens to be a fun film on sports, then great. The bottom line is entertainment.

Why do great athletes still need actors to tell people what they have achieved?

The fact that these films are being made, awareness is being spread, and it’s leading to the athletes getting respect, is the positive way of looking at it. More people are aware of what a great sprinter Milkha Singh was, after the movie. Fame doesn’t last very long unless people are constantly made aware of it. The younger generation isn’t really aware of what happened in the past. So, sometimes, people need to be reminded.

Which sport would you select if you were to do a film?

I would select the most dramatic film. It could be anything; but it has to be a human story at the end of it. It could be football, like Escape To Victory (1981); I want to show it to my son. That’s about football and also about prisoners of war in Nazi Germany, which is definitely a bigger story. It can even be on cricket, which would be an interesting film. I don’t have personal experience of the game, but I’m aware about it.