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Entertainment News
Haider going strong

Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider is on a roll, and the film’s team is happy with the positive reviews and critical acclaim. Haider, which sets Shakespeare’s Hamlet against the volatile state of Kashmir in 1995, is produced by U

Saif Ali Khan Inset: His father and cricket legend Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi

Are films a good way to spread awareness about sports?

Filmmaking, to me, is not about spreading awareness; it’s about making entertaining films. You’re asking people for their money, not to give them a lecture. If it happens

Keen eye for Indian fabrics

We all know that Indians have a soft corner for handloom fabrics that are made within the country. And a similar love for fabrics made some of the well-known faces from Capital’s social circuit get together under one roof and celebrate tradi

The actor has apparently not left her alleged beau Ranbir Kapoor’s side post his surgery

 Ranbir Kapoor, who was suffering from the adenoid (a patch of tissue at the back of the nasal cavity) swelling, got it removed through a minor surgery. According to sources, his alleged girlfrie

‘Nothing is complete without comedy’

Bollywood is incomplete without comedy, says comedian Bharti Singh (left), who says that it is always the comedy scenes that are remembered in a film. “Nothing is complete without comedy. Actors such as Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer

सोना तो किसी भी हीरो के साथ काम करेंगी

बॉलिवुड की दबंग लेडी सोनाक्षी सिन्हा कहती हैं कि वह बॉलिवुड के हर उस कलाकार के साथ काम क

जयभानुशाली फिर दिखेंगे होस्ट के रोल में

यभानुशाली जल्द ही फिर से एक होस्ट की भूमिका में नजर आने वाले हैं। वह टीवी शो दिल से नाचे

Now Chitrangada stands by Deepika

The recent DEEPIKA PADUKONE's standoff with a  leading newspaper over ‘cleavage row'

doesn't seem to bury down. After Bollywood rallied behind the leggy lass beauty on social

networking websites, her Desi

Catch the devil by the horn

Last year, if it was peace that infused the most expensive Durga Puja pandal at the  Arambagh area with a towering Lord Buddha’s sculpture at its entrance, this year it is the call to demolish the demon. The façade of th

While it has just been three days since the show has taken-off

While it has just been three days since the show has taken-off, the mind games and ego tussles have already started big time in the Bigg Boss house. Only a few hours post the

kitchen opened up for the housemates, feelings of res

Stand apart

There is a saying that nobody loves to travel more than an Indian. And it is the travel bug that has bit Indian travellers in a way that a whopping 60 per cent of them have been found to prefer travelling alone. The survey conducted by Groupon Ind

Bang on!

Bang Bang to you!” If one would have told you that on your face, you would either have taken an offense to it or just ignored. But that coming from Hrithik Roshan made a lot of sense. And who knows this, too, becomes another cool wa

Sachin, Rekha have company

The attendance record of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and actor Rekha might have raised questions about the role and relevance of celebrity MPs in the Rajya Sabha, but many of their elected counterparts do no better.

At least 33 MPs across

तीन दिन में कमाए 77 करोड़ सिंघम रिटर्न्‍स ने

नई दिल्ली। अजय देवगन और करीना कपूर की फिल्म सिंघम रिटर्न्‍स ने महज तीन दिन में 77 करोड़ से ज्या

समय किसी की प्रतीक्षा नहीं करता

गाजियाबाद। नेहरूनगर स्थित गांधर्व संगीत महाविद्यालय में डॉ.विमला गुप्ता नाट्य मंच द्वारा आष

लीक हुई रणवीर-अनुष्का की फिल्म की कहानी

निर्देशक जोया अख्तर ने भारतीय मीडिया से छुप कर फिल्म बनाने के लिए अपनी फिल्म ‘दिल धड़कने दो&rsq

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